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AUG   2022

A blend of Japandi and modern styles creates a harmonious and soothing ambiance. The predominant use of wood and fabric materials contributes to a soft and natural tone throughout the space. The master bedroom emphasises a modern and chic aesthetic. A neutral color palette create a serene atmosphere for relaxation. High-quality bedding, luxurious textures, and carefully selected lighting fixtures enhance the overall ambiance, evoking a sense of comfort and sophistication.

The child's room features built-in furniture, including a set of steps leading to a pink bunk bed. This design maximizes space utilization while adding a playful element to the room. The lower level of the bunk bed can be utilized as a dedicated play area for the child, providing ample space for creative activities and fun. The other two rooms are designed with functionality in mind. Sufficient space is allocated for work desks, clothes cabinets, and good natural light. The layout ensures that these rooms serve their intended purposes effectively, providing a comfortable and productive environment for work or study. 

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