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Choice of Material

Material specification is crucial to interior design. Designer's choice of material is much more than aesthetically purposes. r/space's approach to choice of material is defined by three elements, price, technicality and aesthetic.

r/space aims to achieve best possible outcome at minimal cost. In the technical aspect, we have been privileged to work with over 20 years industry experienced contractors. Starting at the initial stage of design, we take into consideration of practicality, durability and method of installation. At the end of the day, our job, passion and expertise is to create a space thats "pleasing to the eye",

In one of our recent project, we incorporated bamboo nets into the space, yet the contractor in-charge was unfamiliar with material, leaving the net flabby and unflattering on the wall. After taken in our advice, the method of handling the material was changed and the outcome was satisfactory.

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