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Our inside secrets

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

What makes r/space a better interior design firm? Spectacular visuals, expensive marketing campaigns, or aggressive sales team? A huge NO to all these rubbish. Let us tell you the secret sauce of r/space.

The secret is really nothing fancy. r/space has 3 core values.

Customer Orientation

r/space is here to solve clients' problem, but not creating more problems for them. We put our clients first and our design is tailored to meet their needs. We love hearing feedbacks from our clients and are always ready for making any required changes.

Experienced Manufacturer

We are creative designers, at the same time, we are true makers. We have factory in China producing bespoke furnitures and other interior components. Our expertise allows us to create unique and feasible interior design for our clients.

"Efficient" Creativity

To feed our creativity, we often produce hand drawn visuals at the initial stage. Our clients are able to have a quick glimpse of the design and offer early feedbacks to designers. By doing that, the efficiency of design and communication process will be greatly increased.

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